Knowing your options for wound care after a surgery or after an accident is important. Wounds that go untreated and uncared for can become harmful, and sometimes even fatal.

If you require wound care in the Kelowna area, Lakeside Pharmacy has you covered. We have wound care experts on staff to deal with most wound care injuries.

What is wound care?

Regular wound care is typically the treatment for wounds that break the skin. There are also specialized wound care techniques for other types of wounds. After a trauma, some wounds require more attention during the healing process and wound care experts guide their patients to recovery.

At Lakeside Pharmacy, we provide consultations, advanced product advice and treatment to our patients that are in need of wound care.

What will happen if I don’t get treatment for my wound?

The wound can become infected and trigger the body’s immune response. This will cause the healing process to slow and the area may become inflamed with potential tissue damage.

 If left long enough this can lead to serious infections that could lead to hospitalization

What types of wounds does Lakeside Pharmacy care for?

Our wound care experts are trained to handle patients with acute wounds such as burns, surgical wounds, non-healing wounds and pressure ulcers. We also provide services for compression therapyfoot care and ostomy and continence care.

For minor wounds, our experts can advise you on the best supplies to help you clean, dress and continue to care for the wound. We will also have recommendations for pain management.

When experiencing any pain or discomfort, please speak with a pharmacist about the appropriate treatment options.

Why choose Lakeside Pharmacy?

We offer a safe, friendly and private environment where our patients can comfortably receive advice and treatment from our wound care experts. At Lakeside Pharmacy we understand the difficulties our patients face after surgery and we provide the necessary care to ease the transition.

For more details or any inquiries, please contact us. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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