1973Lakeside opened as a pharmacy that puts patients' health concerns first.

That's what Ronald Waller set out to build in 1973, and together with partner Fred Behrner, they made that dream a reality. 

1992Greg Andreen became a partner and continued the tradition of putting patients first.

By rejecting the corporate retail mindset and sticking to patients first, Lakeside set themselves apart in the valley as the pharmacy you can trust.

1998Both founding partners retired and passed the torch to the next generation.

With the same continued values, Chris Waller joined Greg Andreen as a pharmacist and owner at Lakeside. Together they looked for needs within the community that Lakeside could meet. Lakeside became a specialist pharmacy caring for patients on dialysis, who have a transplanted organ, or with HIV.


In 2006 the ever-growing Lakeside Pharmacy team brought on Pam Mayor, a wound care and ostomy nurse with over 18 years experience. Since then she has expanded the scope of this department by offering foot care, continence care, and ostomy and wound care consultative services.


In 2016, Graham Foster joined the ownership team alongside Chris and Greg. As life-long Kelowna residents, all three owners understand what’s important to the community and work to provide the best care possible.


Lakeside Pharmacy has grown in size over the years, now boasting a large staff of dedicated professionals, but we have always stayed true to our values—to always put you first.

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