Prescriptions for minor ailments and contraception in Kelowna BC

Our pharmacists can write prescriptions for eligible minor ailments and contraception. We are currently accepting walk-in patients on a first come, first serve basis for assessments and prescriptions. Appointments are subject to the availability of the pharmacists on staff.

What medications can BC pharmacists prescribe?

Pharmacists in BC can prescribe medications for specific minor ailments, as well as prescription contraceptives. For a full list of eligible minor ailments and medications, refer to the Government of BC website.


Can I get a prescription renewal from Lakeside Medicine Centre?

Pharmacists in BC can renew certain prescriptions for patients who ​​have been on their medication for six months or more with no concerns. Lakeside Medicine Centre Pharmacy is happy to speak with you about your prescription renewal at a walk in appointment.


How long are the wait times for an appointment with a pharmacist?

We are generally able to get walk-in patients in for an appointment quickly, however we cannot guarantee a specific wait time duration. Please come check in with us and we will let you know approximately how long the wait will be.

How do I make an appointment for an assessment and prescription at Lakeside Medicine Centre?

Lakeside Medicine Centre is not booking advance appointments. All patients must walk into the pharmacy and will be assessed on a first come, first serve basis. 

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