Pharmacists in British Columbia can now prescribe medications for certain minor ailments, as well as contraceptives. 

Not only can you see your local pharmacist for birth control, you may also be able to get it for free.

How can you access free contraceptives?

PharmaCare pays for prescription contraceptives for BC residents, including IUDs, hormonal implants, contraceptive injections, emergency contraception and most prescription contraceptive pills.

In order to get contraceptives for free, you need to be enrolled in the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP). If you’re waiting for your coverage to activate, your pharmacist can help you get exceptional coverage. And, if your prescription isn’t fully covered, your pharmacist can change it to an equivalent that is.

How can your pharmacist help?

Your pharmacist can prescribe a variety of contraceptives, and can help you switch to a different type if needed. You can even have your pharmacist administer the contraceptive injection. 

All you need to get your prescription is your Personal Health Number—there should be no charge for assessment or dispensing at the pharmacy. 

If you have a prescription for an IUD, you will need to make an appointment with a doctor or clinic. Emergency contraceptives are free and do not require a prescription.

Lakeside Pharmacy can help answer any questions you may have about accessing free contraception or getting a prescription from a pharmacist.

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