Pets, much like humans, sometimes need medications to maintain their health and well-being. However, administering medications to pets, especially picky ones, can often be a challenging task for their owners. 

Whether it's a tablet, liquid, or topical treatment, convincing a reluctant pet to take their medicine can sometimes feel like an impossible feat. A solution that's gaining popularity among pet owners and veterinarians alike is compounding.

Compounding is the process of customizing medications to meet the specific needs of an individual patient, including pets. Lakeside Medicine Centre has the ability to compound many medications for your furry friends, which can make your life as a pet owner easier, all while keeping your pets happy and healthy.

How Compounding Helps Get Your Picky Pets to Take Their Meds:

Flavour Options

One of the main reasons pets refuse medications is often due to the taste. Compounding allows for the addition of flavours such as chicken, beef, fish, or even peanut butter to medications, making them more palatable for pets. By masking the bitter or unpleasant taste of medications, pets are more likely to accept and consume them willingly. 

Alternative Dosage Forms

Not all pets are comfortable with swallowing pills or tablets. Compounding can transform medications into alternative dosage forms such as flavored liquids, transdermal gels, or even topical creams. This flexibility allows pet owners to choose the most convenient and comfortable administration method for their furry friends.

Adjusting Dosage Strength

Pets come in various shapes and sizes, and their medication needs can vary significantly. Compounded medications ensure they are safe and effective for each pet's specific weight and condition, preventing under or overdosing. 

Combination Medications

Often pets require multiple medications to treat a particular condition, which can make administering quite the process. Combining compatible medications into a single dosage form not only simplifies the medication regimen but also improves compliance and reduces the stress associated with an otherwise dreaded event. 

Allergy-Friendly Formulations

Just like humans, pets can have allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients commonly found in medications. Compounded prescriptions can create allergy-friendly formulations by removing or substituting specific ingredients that pets may be allergic to, ensuring they receive the necessary treatment without any adverse reactions.

Medicating picky dogs, cats, birds, horses or other loved pets can be a challenging task, but compounding offers a customized solution to this common problem. 

If you're struggling to medicate your pet, ask your Lakeside Medicine Centre pharmacist about the possibility of compounding their medications. Your furry friend will thank you for it!

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