Isn’t travelling great? Soaking up the sun on some white, sandy beach - exploring ruins of an ancient civilization - marvelling at the accomplishments of the modern age. There are countless things to see and experience while travelling, but there are some things you can’t see that can ruin your entire trip.

While travelling, it’s important to be aware of the different diseases you may come into contact with while abroad. Here are some tips to help prepare you for your trip.

Why you should get vaccines before you travel

When you travel abroad, you are at risk of coming into contact with diseases your body has never had to deal with before. The purpose of vaccines is to give your body the weakest form so that your immune system can destroy it and remember how to fight it in the future.

Focus on enjoying your trip! By vaccinating before your trip, you are giving your body its best fighting chance against exotic diseases and that should give you peace of mind.

How to know what vaccines to get before your trip

Now this will depend on where you are going. Ask your pharmacist or healthcare provider what vaccines you will need as you plan your trip.

You can also check out the Canadian government’s website and receive vaccination recommendations by your destination. Doing both can’t hurt! After checking the Canadian government’s website, talk to a healthcare professional about the next steps.

When to vaccinate

To give your body and the vaccines enough time to start working, you should get vaccinated at least 4 to 6 weeks before you travel. For vaccines that require more than one dose this will give you lots of time to receive all of the necessary doses.

As you plan your trip, talk to your healthcare provider as soon as possible. That will give them plenty of time to fit you in for a vaccination and send you on your healthy, merry way.

At Lakeside Pharmacy, our trained staff can help you figure out what vaccines you need, schedule a time to receive them and wish you all the best on your trip!

Travel vaccines at Lakeside Pharmacy

As always, consult your pharmacist on what vaccinations you will need well in advance for your trip. Our trained healthcare professionals will guide you. Your health is our top priority.

Our pharmacists are happy to discuss any other questions you may have regarding health while traveling - things to avoid, what to bring and much more. Contact or visit us for more information about travel vaccines in Kelowna.

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