Why you might need foot care

Over the years, your feet have experienced a lot. Talk about gladiators. They have been, quite literally, holding you up for your entire life, and they’re bound to have a couple knicks by now.

There are some common reasons that you should seek out foot care. Some of these might be improperly trimming your toenails, years of wear and tear, poor circulation or ill-fitting and poorly designed shoes.

As you age, neglected foot care becomes more evident. If you have poor circulation to your feet this could be caused by ill-fitting or improper shoes, high blood sugar levels, diabetes or other health problems.

Poor circulation can lead to nerve damage and other health problems in the body. Healing infections and injuries will become more difficult for your feet the longer you go without proper foot care.

Because of this, it’s extremely important that people with diabetes receive the proper foot care. Diabetes can be dangerous to your feet and may cause reduced blood flow and nerve damage that reduces your feet’s ability to heal. This will also make performing foot care on yourself quite difficult.

What does Lakeside Pharmacy offer

Most of the time we take our feet for granted. But they’re connected to us. We know what’s happening to them, right? Well, maybe not.

At Lakeside Pharmacy, we offer a wide array of foot care services. It’s important for you to know the state of your feet - our professionally trained foot care nurses are happy to provide you with a foot assessment. Any further treatments such as nail cutting and filing, toenail care, callus and corn care can be scheduled as well.

On top of regular foot assessments and treatments, our foot care nurses are also trained to provide proper foot care for patients with diabetes and other diseases.

Maybe your feet are in good shape. An assessment still won’t hurt! Our experts can also make recommendations on proper hygiene and footwear education to give your feet a fighting chance.

Why go to Lakeside Pharmacy for foot care in Kelowna

At Lakeside, our foot care nurses have years of experience. Foot care nurses are certified to give proper, up-to-date healthcare advice. They are also trained to spot potential problems and know how to take action to prevent or treat any complications for their patients.

Nail technicians aren’t trained the same way. Unlike nail technicians, foot care nurses are healthcare professionals (Registered Nurses or LPN’s).

With any health concern, seek out a healthcare professional. At Lakeside Pharmacy, our foot care nurses’ primary concern is to provide the best quality healthcare services for our customers and patients.

Have questions about foot care? Contact us - we would be happy to help!