2019 marked a significant change to the longstanding Canadian Food Guide, condensing the four main food groups that many of us had become accustomed to (milk products, meat & alternatives, bread and cereals, and fruits & vegetables) into the three categories that exist today (vegetables & fruits, protein foods, and whole grain food). 

With this new change comes the big question: what exactly should we be eating and drinking to follow the new guidelines? Don’t fret, because we are here to tell you that adhering to the new food guide doesn’t have to mean forgoing your enjoyment of food—below, we’ve compiled a mouthwatering list of three of our favourite new Canada Food Guide recipes to build out your cookbook this summer

Apple Pie Breakfast Bowl

Who’s an apple's favorite relative? (go to answer)

Living in the beautiful Okanagan Valley doesn’t come without its perks—one of which being the bountiful access to a variety of farms, orchards & markets that are within walking distance for most. There’s never been a better time to pick-up some fresh Okanagan apples and start your morning off right with this healthy breakfast twist on a traditional apple pie

Why did the turkey cross the road? (go to answer)

Were you worried that we were going to cut meat out of this list? Well, we figured you couldn’t quit cold turkey! This delicious meal can be prepared and cooked in less than an hour, and can be adapted using your favorite veggie mix. Meal prepping just got a whole lot easier (and healthier) with this scrumptious lunch-time favorite. 

Why do people like banana bread? (go to answer)

Feeling snacky? Or are you like us just looking to use up the 35ish frozen bananas taking up all of your freezer space? Well this delicious loaf might be exactly what you're looking for to fill your sweet tooth cravings while emptying your freezer space—and the best part, it’s healthy! 



Who’s an apple's favorite relative? 

…Granny Smith

Why did the turkey cross the road?

…to prove he wasn’t chicken

Why do people like banana bread?

… because they find it a-peeling 

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